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Aids in the maintenance of bone health and may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. 
Advantages of Bamboo Silica: 
  • Silica is vital for proper bone formation and helps maintain normal bone structure
  • Helps heal bone fractures as well as damaged or torn tendons and ligaments 
  • Helps maintain structure and elasticity of healthy arteries, reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis 
  • Known as the beauty mineral, silica improves skin’s elasticity and suppleness
  • Important for maintaining healthy nails, teeth, gums, and hair 
  • Offers pure silica extract from bamboo shoots: Bambusa vularis stems
  • Bamboo Silica has 10X the Silicon found in horsetail (which contains 5%-7% Silica) used for other Silicon supplements 
  • 70 mg Silica per capsule (100mg bamboo) with 200mg Calcium Citrate per capsule (40mg elemental Calcium)
  • Important supplement for: women who are often deficient in dietary silicon, experience digestive issues (difficulty absorbing dietary silicon), especially the elderly 
  • Renewable resource: Bamboo is essentially a grass; requires no pesticides/fertilizer;nutritious 
  • Offers pure silica extract from bamboo shoots: Bambusa vulgaris stems, rich in natural silica providing 70% of silica by weight 
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